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Dear Clients and Friends,

With the mild winter a distant memory, spring has arrived early and Coastal Printing Inc is making the most of it. Visitors to our facility will notice new eye-catching window graphics (created by our Marketing Director, Isa Cann), and a newly resurfaced and striped parking lot. New plants to adorn the entrances are in the works, as well as colorful banners for all of the tenants at 15 Main Street. So much for the outside changes; inside Coastal Printing, we now have sculptures on display created by talented local artisan, Keith MacLeod of MacLeod Metalworks in Salisbury, Ma. We recently printed a project book for Keith, which can be viewed with his extroardinary sculptures.

While viewing Keith's sculptures, take advantage of our spring *special; buy 500 full color business cards, get 500 more free! This offer is good through June 30, 2010. Also, while supply lasts, get a free organic cotton tote bag with any purchase of $50 or more.

Remember, businesses that fail to plan, plan to fail. Let our graphic design and marketing department help you devise an affordable strategy to grow and develop your business during 2010.

Happy Spring,

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A Most Colorful Mode of Transportation in Nicaragua

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Email Campaign Limits: What is Too Much

In the winter newsletter we pointed out the necessity of concise, crystal clear digital communications as a best practice for business success. In addressing email campaigns specifically, it's important to know what the email marketing businesses might not readily point out: it's relatively easy to arrive at an email saturation level according to most recipients. In an effort to build business rather than alienate clients/customers, it's helpful to try to establish what is Too Much.

To that end, recent statistics compiled by Email Marketing Reports are very insightful:
In Merkle's "View from the inbox" report, 73% of survey respondents cited "sending too frequently" as the main reason for opting out of an email program
In Epsilon's "Beyond the click" email branding study, 71% of respondents said it wasn't OK for companies they know and trust to send email more frequently than they already do
According to a MarketingSherpa study quoted in their 2009 benchmark report, 25% of respondents who reported an email as spam gave "too much email from the sender" as a reason for doing so

Not adhering to clients/customers email quantity comfort levels can result in their blacklisting your email address - or worse- designating your email as SPAM. In this world so dependent on digital communications, you can see the problem with this right away.

There is no perfect formula to maintain the recipients in your email database, but we can offer some guidelines. Consider the personal and professional characteristics of individual recipients and the quantity of emails they may be receiving from other sources already. For example, are your recipients those who tend to be intensely integrated in the digital communications world; e.g., young adults, or businesses who are reliant on email communications to take orders, sell products, etc.? They may be quicker to block your promotional and marketing emails, unless it's a very infrequent mailing (e.g., monthly or quarterly). If possible, contract an email marketing service that allows you to break your target markets into distinct email groups so you can choose who might appreciate more frequent promotions.

Of course, the most important element of email marketing and promotion, even for newsletter content, is that it has something universally useful to offer; information and "specials" that inspire the recipient to avail themself to that limited time special you offer, and look forward to the next one.

Do you, in fact, find our newsletters useful? Please email us with your feedback. Visit for contact information. Thanks for reading!

Replacing CDs & DVDs with an Eco-Friendly Alternative

Recycling is good! Not producing the product in the first place is better. To that end, we are encouraging clients to transport their files too large to email on flashdrives. This effort will also save time and money. For clients who need to transport files remotely, files can be sent using an FTP (file transfer protocol) program. The free software Filezilla (select "Download Filezilla Client") can be used for PCs and Macs. Contact Paul (paulc at or Isa at for FTP access codes.

GreenDisc is a company that recycles virtually all technology related components, including CDs and DVDs. They provide the box and return postage in their fees, the size of the box depending on how large/how many pounds of recycling. We will be providing one of their collection boxes beside our front counter. Bring your obsolete CDs and DVDs in to Coastal Printing Inc at 15 Main Street, Salisbury, MA and we'll recycle them for you free of charge.

"Avoid the temptation to burn your files to DVD. You'll just be staring at them in five years wondering what the heck you're going to do with all those coasters." Hank Green,

inside coastal printing

Travel, Volunteerism, Art: Staff Mixing Fun with Service

Paul Cyr's nature photography is being displayed in Newburyport at the Garrison Inn. The Grand Opening is May 10th. Don't miss it!
Click on the owl image for more information.

Isa made her annual trek to warmer climates for service work and relaxation last winter, this year in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Coastal Printing Inc and co-sponsored an all-natural cotton bag give-away in the municipal marketplace (photos right and left) to help replace the plastic bags normally provided.

The Chain Gang, a local free business group, has partnered with Anna Jaques Hospital to help raise funds for much needed services. Click on the Anna Jaques link above to join us in the effort. Thanks!

There is leased office space available in our main business home, Coastal Business Park, at 15 Main Street in Salisbury, MA. Please call Scott (978)465-2607 to discuss flexible layout options with recession-buster incentives to ease your stress. A modern building, its location is also very convenient. A stone's throw from Seabrook and minutes from Routes 95, 495 and 1, the building is a host to several services useful to local business, including therapeutic massage, legal services, marketing, graphic design and wide format printing!