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Dear Clients and Friends,

It has been one of the nicest summers in recent memory and business hasn’t been too bad, either! With many new customers discovering our full digital printing to compliment our top notch graphics department, Coastal Printing seems poised to excel during the economic challenges that have confronted us all in recent times. Thanks to all our new and existing customers for putting their confidence in Coastal Printing.

On the personal side, our youngest daughter, Courtney, will be attending the University of Maine as a freshman this fall. It’s hard to believe how time has flown by! We wish her the best.

We are also pleased to announce that the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society (MRFRS) will use donated space in our Coastal Business Park building (Suites 207-209) to accept items for their annual Furball Auction in October. Tentative hours for receiving items are Mondays - Wednesdays, 10am to 2pm. Donation items can also be received at Coastal Printing Inc. in Suite 106 during regular business hours. We proudly support MRFRS and hope that this year’s auction is a great success.

Also, while supply lasts, get a free organic cotton tote bag with any purchase of $50 or more.

Happy Summer,

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Special Printing Project: Coastal Foray into New England History

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Our healthy work team, the P. Cyr "Photo of the Month" and a property facelift for our business home, Coastal Business Park


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Business to Business Group Networking is Golden!

New Englanders like to know who we are dealing with for our products and services, don't we? The internet, and all its social media concepts are no replacement for the relationships and accountability that evolve through face to face contact. The following represent several local networking opportunities that businesses use to meet potential customers/clients. In almost all cases, members report that they get new business - and referrals for business outside their groups - by participating in these groups.

1. This concept is great! Some of our clients encounter the best networking activities are those that blend socializing with business building. The Seacoast Chain Gang is such a group of owners and decision-makers from a variety of businesses that meet monthly in different locations. There is no membership fee and online sign up is easy. The price of a drink is all this will cost you if the venue is in a pub or restaurant. The Seacoast Green Building Coalition has a environmentally friendly construction practice theme and features occasional presenters. They also meet monthly.

2. Chamber of Commerce memberships can be a relatively inexpensive means to grow business, especially as measured by the membership pool size vis-a-vis the earnings from even a single new customer. The financial resources of their members may be more favorable overall than the free groups. Let's call it network quality "pre qualification". Several local Chambers include the Amesbury, Hampton Area, Greater Haverhill, Greater Newburyport, North Shore (MA), Greater Portsmouth, Salisbury and the Greater York Region

3. Business networking groups designed for that purpose alone can be the most expensive. Your target audience is the smallest by far, but membership is a virtual equivalent to becoming the default service provider for your fellow members for a given product or service. BNI (Business Networking International) explains the purpose of the organization best: "BNI is the largest business networking organization in the world. We offer members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals."

Do a little research before you commit. Besides quantity of members, consider the quality of its demographics as it relates to your target audiences. Take a look at their member list. Inquire into who "shows up" for events. Assure yourself that a given group's networking events present the optimal target market. Another important attribute for your success is that a group meets frequently during which time you can mingle and exchange information; network. Whatever venue you choose, "showing up" is the key to your success! And come armed with business cards, flyers and/or brochures to remind your new contacts of what you can do for them and how to contact you.

Free Electronics Recycling! We continue to provide a GreenDisc collection box beside our front counter at 15 Main Street in Salisbury. We'll recycle the following free: CDs, DVDs, disquettes, video and audio tapes and their containers; printer cartridges; cell phones, pagers and PDAs; and laptop computers.


This lovely "cut glass vase" is plastic water bottle gone artsy! Determined to eliminate plastic water bottles, while they're still available, what are you doing with yours?

Email CoastalPrintingInc at with your "recycling" ideas please.

The Printshop

Every so often, we see a non-commercial printing project at Coastal Printing that is especially
engaging and unique.

Frank Rapisardi arrived with a draft of a booklet about the Bartlett family history (members of which family have a farm in Salisbury, MA). The hard researched work by Mr. Rapisardi, The Royal Bartlett Farm, highlights the contributions of the Bartletts through several centuries. In fact, they enjoyed an authentic royal start in England hundreds of years ago. Their stature translated to land ownership and influence in the region that came to be known as New England.

To contact Mr. Rapisardi for a copy, please email f.rapisardi at

inside coastal printing

Coastal Staff Tom Jackman and Paul Cyr enjoy the Coastal Business Park gym just upstairs from Coastal Printing Inc. What a perk! Paul has finally made it to the 5 lb-ers, with a little spotting from Tom (In reality, Paul and Courtney [Cunningham] are true athletes who both ran in the Newburyport's Yankee Homecoming race recently!). The photo of the American Bittern Paul took in Breton Woods, NH is a beauty. Click on the image to see a larger rendition.

Our business home, Coastal Business Park, recently re-landscaped part of its grounds. Evergreens and other flora, along with the paving and striping freshens the look of the whole building. Coastal Printing services are now flanking the main sign, increasing visibility for drive-by traffic and our customer base!

There is leased office space available in our main business home, Coastal Business Park, at 15 Main Street in Salisbury, MA. Please call Scott (978)465-2607 to discuss flexible layout options with recession-buster incentives to ease your stress. A modern building, its location is also very convenient. A stone's throw from Seabrook and minutes from Routes 95, 495 and 1, the building is a host to several services useful to local business, including therapeutic massage, legal services, marketing, graphic design and wide format printing!