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Dear Friends and Customers:

We hope this note finds 2010 off to a great start!

At the top of our list for the new year is a "Thank You" to all of you who continue to rely on Coastal Printing for printing and graphic design services. We appreciate your loyalty and will always strive to earn your business.

Always looking to expand services that are requested by our customers, we have installed new technology at 15 Main Street (more info below).

Please take advantage of the winter special: Mention the newsletter and receive a 20% discount on printing and graphic design for either a stationary item (i.e., letterhead, envelope or business cards; a 500 max./min. order) or a full color postcard. There is a 1 order per customer limit. This offer valid from Jan. 26 to Feb. 28, 2010.

We continue to offer a free all natural cotton shopping bag with every paid $50. order (1 per customer). When you come in to see us, be sure to remind staff that you would like to have a bag.

Here's to a health, prosperous 2010!

Best regards,


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The best tasting water at considerable savings over bottled water

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The venues of business communication have become almost unmanageable for some as they are constantly increasing; email, Facebook, LinkedIn, cell phone, home phone, instant messaging (IM), text messaging, Twitter...good grief. To that end, if you want to be heard, communications with colleagues, customers and clients need to be concise and crystal clear at a glance.

Specifically as it relates to digital technology, busy people trying to address their messages are more likely to respond to those that encompass the 1. most important information at the start, and 2. that don't leave gaping holes of information, which then have to be looked up by the recipient (unlikely).

  • Don't use industry insider jargon or initials if there's a chance that a non industry person has to decipher/look it up. If s/he has to, you have probably lost them.

  • If there is a deadline for a response (e.g., a poll) then post it. It may be that the recipient doesn't check their email often and won't know if an opportunity has passed or not, and probably won't take the time to find out.

  • For an event posting, always include the day of the week along with a date (e.g., Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010). People are aware of the days on which they have commitments; e.g., tennis lessons every Wed. eve, so Wed. eve is always a no-go.

  • Avoid being facetious/sarcastic. The chance of offending someone is not worth the attempt at humor.

  • Don't use CAPITAL letters. In the digital world, that is equal to shouting.

  • [Need I mention this?] Please check spelling and grammar. Emails peppered with typos will compromise the respect of your business.

the printshop:

Full color printing in small quantities

Have us design and print as few as 25 full color collateral items, whatever you need to promote your business. It is a rare service for printing customers who are accustomed to have to order at 250 of anything to get an order filled.

Providing healthy drinking water for your staff is a benefit that many companies provide. For an eco-friendly office, it's highly prescribed.

The unfortunate alternative is that your staff contain their water in plastic bottles; either single-use or reusables.

Neither type are recycled as often as they can be (notice the single-use bottles in rivers, walking paths, etc?). And the plastic manufacturing process itself is environmentally caustic, as is the resource it's made from: petroleum, a non-renewable resource. Some types of plastic used for food and beverage containers are actually known to cause serious, even deadly, health problems. And nearly all plastic does not break down - ever. And would you even want it to break down; i.e., petroleum based chemicals leaching into water supplies?

Consider making it a "suggested" policy to ban at least the single-use water bottles in your office or production floor. Encourage staff by providing them with washable steel, ceramic, china, stoneware or glass cups. Water tastes better stored in these vessels anyway.

You can save hundreds of dollars per year if you replace the delivered bottled water (think "delivery trucks", "gasoline", "emissions") with a filtration system. Cheaper and cleaner. Sold yet?

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inside coastal printing:

Thinking Green...out of the Office, out in the Wild

Big fans of the Great Outdoors, Scott and Linda Cunningham have lent their support to such organizations as Friends of the Boundary Mountains in northwestern Maine, and Friends of The Withlacoochee Gulf Preserve on the Nature Coast of Florida. The mission of Friends of the Boundary Mountains is to safeguard the western mountains of Maine from development, and to conserve the area for traditional uses of wildlife, recreation and forestry. The Withlacoochee Gulf Preserve is a beautiful, undisturbed nature outpost at the mouth of the Withlacoochee River on the northern Gulf Coast of Florida. Its 413 acres of trails, boardwalks, marshes and streams are located within the small community of Yankeetown Florida. TheCunninghams have donated banners and pledged support to help renovate a 4,500 sq ft educationalandresource center that will have meeting rooms and educational displays on the Florida Nature Coast’s unique wetlands.

There is leased office space available in our main business home, Coastal Business Park, at 15 Main Street in Salisbury, MA. Please call Scott (978)465-2607 to discuss flexible layout options with recession-buster incentives to ease your stress. A modern building, its location is also very convenient. A stone's throw from Seabrook and minutes from Routes 95, 495 and 1, the building is a host to several services useful to local business, including therapeutic massage, legal services, marketing, graphic design and wide format printing!